A total of 1.4 million South Africans, more than half of youth age 18-24, reported they did not attend any educational institutions because they lacked the money for tuition. Furthermore, 18% of those age 18–24 who were not attending educational institutions indicated that their poor academic performance prevented them from participating.*

*May 15, 2019 report from Stats SA

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Arm in Arm strives to meet the educational needs
specific to each township 

AIAIA’s Education Committee of lifelong non-profit leaders and teachers works hand-in-hand with parents and organizers to jointly address needs and solutions.

We support teen mentoring in the urban setting, primary boarding school in our most impoverished area, and teacher/student resources in rural settings.


F.L.Y. Program

Fun Learning for Youth (FLY) is a not-for-profit organization that provides Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Skills tutoring for dozens of high school learners from disadvantaged communities.

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St. Patrick’s Catholic School

St. Patrick’s is a Catholic primary and high school located in Mthatha (Umtata), a short distance from Sowetho. Arm in Arm supports Sowetho’s school-age children with uniforms and supplies.

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Malungeni Education Committee

AIAIA works hand-in-hand with the Malugeni Education Committee to identify and fulfill classroom and recreational equipment needs for children in this rural community.

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