F.L.Y. Program


Fun Learning for Youth (FLY) is a not-for-profit organization that provides Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Skills tutoring for dozens of high school learners from disadvantaged communities. The FLY team is made up of young professionals who volunteer their time as tutors for Grade 8 to 12 learners. Tutoring services are held on every Saturday morning of the school calendar year. They are free and our tutors provide their time purely on a voluntary basis as a means of contributing towards the national challenge of reducing the education deficit in underprivileged communities and breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. 

The FLY program has progressed from 2009 with the original 20 students and 9 tutors to 2017 with 120 students and 50 tutors. In addition, FLY has expanded to a chapter in Johannesburg with 80 students and 20 tutors.  The tutors not only work with students in Math, English and teaching life skills, they also serve as mentors, role models and ultimately life coaches. The impact on lives of the students is life transformative. There is no charge for participating in the program, rather, students must test into the program and agree to attend weekly sessions. AIAIA’s monetary support is used for textbooks, school supplies, college application fees, transportation and a meal for the students. Please visit blog to read the impressive FLY annual newsletter.


Project Details

Project: Education

Area: Gugulethu, South Africa

Assistance: Financial