In 2017, 6.8 million South Africans experienced hunger, that’s almost 20% of households that experienced inadequate or severe inadequate access to food. While the number has dropped from 13.5 million in 2002, it still affects 1.7 million households across the country.*


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The distribution of food parcels has been at the heart of
Arm in Arm’s services since our beginning in 2000

How It Works

  • Parcels are purchased locally to support the economy and eliminate shipping costs.

  • Deliveries are made quarterly in each township. Recipients are determined by local residents as those most in need at that time.

  • AIAIA Board members who live in the local area directly oversee and track distribution at the household level. 

We purchase and distribute locally sourced food parcels 4 times a year. Each parcel is designed to help sustain a household for approximately. Residents inGugulethu, Malungeni and Sowetho determine which households are of greatest need as the distribution date approaches.

That information is relayed to AIAIA Board Members Spiwo Xapile and Olga Xapile who oversee and track the distribution of food when the parcels are handed out. In addition to ensuring families are fed, the parcels provide savings for parents who can redirect their resources to school supplies. The food Parcels provide 7 essential ingredients to prepare family meals: cooking oil, flour, sugar, milk, chicken, beans and samp (a local grain)



Malungeni, a rural area in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is challenged with limited employment opportunities, inadequate transportation and education. The resulting poverty makes it difficult for people to adequately feed their families.

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The Arm In Arm In Africa delegation has been traveling annually to the Townships near Cape Town, South Africa since 2000, partnering with the JLZwane Center, a Presbyterian Community in the Township of Gugulethu, population 360,000.

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Unakho Children’s Home

Unakho Children’s home is a small orphanage in the township of Barcelona near Cape Town, South Africa is home to 32 children ranging in age from 3 to 19.

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The informal settlement of SOWETHO is a community that faces major challenges on a daily basis. The men, women, and children of Itipini reside in extremely sub-standard housing, located in an environment that provides little, to no human services.

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