Only 17 in 100 South Africans have medical insurance, the essential key that opens the door to private healthcare. As many as 45 million, or 82 out of every 100 South Africans, fall outside the medical aid net, and as a result are largely dependent on public healthcare. Only a quarter of households opted to go to a private institution.*



AIAIA partners with leading healthcare providers to address
the most urgent needs in each community.

Our Board’s Healthcare Committee is comprised of highly credentialed U.S. caregivers and organizational leaders that ensure the intended impact of our ‘in kind’ and monetary support is met.

We support a diverse audience: newborns and mothers, physically and mentally challenged adults, victims of abuse, and those living in hospice.


St. Luke’s Hospice

Early on in our work, Arm in Arm identified the need for a property as a training site for St. Luke’s Hospice. The purchase of house opened the door to hospice care coming to the townships for the first time.

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Institute For Healing Of Memories

The Institute for Healing of Memories (IHOM), run by Fr. Michael Lapsley, seeks to contribute to lasting individual and collective healing that makes possible a more peaceful and just future.

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Mitchells Plain Clinic

Mitchells Plain Community Health Centre (MPCHC) provides a wide variety of primary health services for free to the community of Mitchells Plain and
surrounding area.

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When our 2019 delegation made its annual visit, it was introduced to Sizakuyenza, a vibrant organization serving, among other audiences, abused women and their children. That meeting enabled AIAIA to expand its healthcare mission to serve this area of need.

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Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity operate a compound in Khayelitsha that houses residents with brain trauma and other disabling conditions.

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