Malungeni Education & Committee


Malungeni Preschool

Preschool is an important step as an educational law exists in South Africa requiring completion of a preschool certificate in order to attend grade school.

In the Transkei region (east central) of South Africa and in the rural village of Malungeni, Arm In Arm In Africa has had a presence for most of its 19 year history. In 2019, AIAIA’s interest and investment in preschool education has been enhanced with increased pay for staff and supplies such as tables and rubber mats for students.

AIAIA has also provided funds for reconstruction and updates to the preschool building that include a new floor, bigger classrooms and an improved stage. Next on the list of improvements are electrical updating, painting, plastering and roof cleaning.

The school for the 22 preschoolers, ages 1-4 years old, is held in the Community Center where two teachers provide loving care and education five days a week from 9:00-2:00 p.m.

Parents are invested in the success of the program by paying R25 ($1.64) per month and assisting with cleaning the center.

Malungeni Education & Committee

AIAIA Education Partner

This past year the Malungeni Education Committee, consisting of six men and women was officially formed. This committee handles matters pertaining to all education from preschool to adult education. AIAIA welcomes this partnership with our friends in South Africa.

Earlier this summer the committee made recommendations for the updates and implemented plans on the current preschool in the Community Center, being funded by Arm In Arm In Africa.

The committee has met with college officials to develop programs to assist the many unemployed and unemployable people with skills training to get them out of poverty. Programs being contemplated are with skilled craftspersons in the area of bricklaying, carpentry and electrical engineering.

Recently 28 individuals finished a three month bricklaying course. They will begin in the construction industry using their newly learned skills. The South Africa government funded this initiative.


Project Details

Project: Education

Area: Malungeni, South Africa

Assistance: Teacher stipends and supplies