Rainbow On A Cloudy Day

“Wherever we go, and whatever we do, let us live with this remembrance in our hearts... THAT WE ARE FAMILY.


What we give to one another comes full circle. May we always be the best of friends; May we always be one another’s rainbow on a cloudy day;


As we have yesterday and today to each other, may we be so blessed in all of our tomorrows... Over and over again..

For we are family, And that means that love has no end. - C McCarty


Our AIAIA delegation moved through another extraordinary day in Malungeni, and visiting the twenty plus Itipini students that are now living and learning at their new home, St. Patrick’s Parochial School.


Toward the end of my day, I learned of the death of our friend and AIAIA Board Member, Dr. John Song. On behalf of the AIAIA family, I extend our thoughts and prayers to all of John’s family. Just as we celebrate the arrival of the Itipini children to a newfound home of love, so do we celebrate John’s newfound home of peace and eternal life. We thank you John, for your service and dedication to Arm In Arm In Africa.

🌈 James Cassidy, President AIAIA