Left Port Elizabeth this morning, will arrive Malungeni late afternoon, another 500 mile bus ride in the beautiful Eastern Cape.


I am returning many photos that I have taken over the last 20 trips to SA. The gentleman holding the photo of the woman is an example of the gift that people experience in having access to these types of photos. Last year I gifted this man with the only photo he has ever had of his now deceased mother. He was most grateful. Plan to return many more this year.

Looking forward to a bit of a slower pace in days to come in rural area, opportunity to have a rooster for an alarm clock. We will assist with food distributions and just being able to renew old relationships and introduce the new American cousins to their Malungeni cousins.

Will stay in touch and connect with you from Malungeni. The delegates continue to appear “upright,” and definitely taking in the African experience. Keep The prayers coming. Share the Posts as you wish and we will keep bringing the experience to you as best we can, given limited internet access in this remote area.


Peace, James Cassidy - President AIAIA