Bread For The World

Peace Prayer for the Hungry..

“There is nothing more profound than the breaking of bread. God, we ask Your blessing for all who are hungry and cannot come to eat. Who do not know the feeling of a second helping, Who know that the bread of affliction is real. May we be bread for the world. May we be peace”... Amen 


Light rain falling at the end of a busy day in Malungeni. No need to spend time on the bus today, we were with family all day in Malungeni. AIAIA assists the community with 235 food parcels, four times a year. The community decides who the 235 families are that are most in need. Truth is, all families in the community could benefit from the food parcels.

The food parcels are similar to what we think of in the US as emergency food shelves. In all the years in which AIAIA has been committed to food parcels, we have developed a strong connection to the hundreds of Africans that “do not know the feeling of a second helping.” Members of the delegation assisted in offloading the food, stacking the individual parcels, and completing the day by assisting individual families transport their food parcel home, via tractor and trailer, a wheelbarrow, or simply carrying the food home.


In a world in which there is sufficient food supplies to feed everyone,  may we have the courage and determination the insure equality in our global food distribution systems. “May we be bread for the world”

James Cassidy