There Is Only Peace


God of welcome, we come together to reflect and pray; to listen and love. Let us break down the walls that separate us from You and from one another. For in You there is no stranger, in You, there is only peace. Let us walk the way of the open heart! Amen..


Great day at home with the Malungeni community. Celebrated Eucharist and had time with several young adults that have a strong passion and vision for how they hope to build a healthier world, in particular by improving Early Childhood Education in the village. There is a palpable energy within the African community that is so very interested and energized to remove the “walls” that would slow their dreams for success. There is a renewed understanding of the African belief of Unbuntu,  “we can only be human together.” This awakening is so in alignment with the mission and vision of AIAIA. I am excited as to the potential for a number of new partnerships. 


Let us walk the way of the open heart. 


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James Cassidy, AIAIA