Beyond All Limits


Prayer For the Common Good...

“God of compassion and love, show us how to care for each other and live in the world. Beyond all limits, difficulties or failings, give us a passion to hold all people in respect and dignity. Together, O God, may we create a world of freedom, justice and peace.   Amen..

Began the day in Malungeni by stopping at the Pre-School program, as well as the primary  grades. Continued on to Umptata to visit the Nelson Mandela Museum. 


Our family connections in SA cover such a vast range in age. From the seniors that have had first hand experience of living the life of apartheid, to the very young that are still  profoundly affected by the history of apartheid, even though it ceased being the law of the land in 1992. 

The delegation will be relocating tomorrow in order to have a few days of rest prior to departing for the United States this coming Saturday. After twenty delegations to SA, I have come to see the value of a time to rest, let the last two and a half week’s experiences settle into one’s heart and mind, and just “chill out.”    

I will remain in touch through Facebook for the next few days prior to coming home. 

James Cassidy, AIAIA