Our day today was filled with several examples of how the people of South Africa demonstrate dignity toward their disadvantaged and enable talented people to make a better life for themselves and their families. IMG_0957The morning began with our annual visit to the Missionary Sisters of Charity. This is where we visited with mentally and physically challenged adults. Their expert care was evidenced by the happiness and joy from the residents. DSC_0510 Our next stop was in the township of Barcelona. This very poor township houses an orphanage to children that may lost a parent(s) to HIV. Many of the children also carry the disease. We received a warm welcome from the kids but also from the staff and other visiting volunteers. We delivered “Mother Bears”, clothing, and soccer balls. IMG_0902 We’ve had two visits to businesses that were formed around the talents of women in the townships. Monkey Biz has been established to empower women to become financially independent for their families and communities. DSC_0488 The next business we visited was Philani. Their approach to the many issues affecting maternal and child health is holistic and includes a healthy environment for children to learn and play as well as providing skills development for income generation so that mothers may become economically independent. We brought clothing, treats, and bracelets to the kids in the day care center.

“We are all brothers and sisters to each other with God as our father. It doesn’t matter rich or poor, what job we have, what color, religion, language, caste, or creed to be able to see each other like that, with the eyes of God, we need prayer. Prayer gives a clean heart, and a clean heart can see God in each person around us”. –Mother Teresa

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