Paula Larsen

Joined AIAIA Board: 2013

Education: University of St. Catherine, Bachelors of Arts in English with Economics as minor

Career Summary:

  • Vocational Counselor at Hennepin Technology College

  • Owner of E. Larsen Enterprises, Inc

Why you’re proud to be a Trustee of Arm in Arm: I so love and believe in Arm-In-Arm-in-Africa’s mission, “We come as a family to make a connection, person to person, arm in arm and along the way to share our lives. It is our honor to improve the conditions and create opportunities for changing the cycle of poverty and disease in South Africa.”

To be part of helping to feed and educate these dear people just connects with my heart. After making the mission trips three times I am more convinced of the true honor it is to be able to serve these people. They are such a gift to me in my life!