We Belong To Each Other

Peace Prayer from Mother Theresa...

“O God, where is your face? The answer is simple; In the naked one, the lonely one, the unwanted one who is my brother and my sister. If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Let us remember... Let there be peace.” Amen


A great beginning of our day to start with meeting a nurse, social worker, and chaplain from St. Luke’s Hospice Program. Met next with the Missionary Sisters of Charity. The women and their staff provide a very loving home environment for the 60+ residents.We were honored to celebrate Eucharist together, while T.Mychael Rambo added his gift of music.

Spent the afternoon in Guguletu with one of our food distribution programs. We assist with providing quarterly food parcels for senior citizens. Grateful for the good thoughts being sent our way from back home. Feel free to share our Facebook posts.

With warm regards...

James Cassidy - President, AIAIA