We Are All In A Journey Together

We are all in a journey together...To the center of the universe... Look deep into yourself, into another. It is to a centerwhich is everywhere.. That is the holy journey.. First you need only look; notice and honor the radiance of everything about you... Play in the universe. Tend all these shining things around you; the smallest plant, the creatures and objects in your care. Be gentle and nurture. Listen... As we experience and accept all that we really are...We grow in care. We begin to embrace others as ourselves, and we learn to live as one among many. -A. Hillman Tomorrow will be our day to prepare to leave Cape Town and begin our journey to a village known as Malungeni, located in the Eastern Cape. It will be a thousand mile road trip, and we will have the honor to be reunited with our friends in a rural setting. We had a great Sunday celebration with our Presbyterian friends this morning. The "party wouldn't have been complete" without thinking of all our families and friends back home. Peace, James Cassidy, Arm In Arm In Africa