Unhakho Orphanage

20141024_113118We recently received the following note from Lorna, she is the social worker for the Unhakho orphanage we support in the Township of Barcelona, Cape Town.

Dear Arm in Arm team:Have you ever wondered if your gift to our ministry would arrive at a crucial time, and save the day, as it were? Well, I know that your gift of R5000 every three months, did this year. Let me explain how. Every time we need money for food for the children at Unakho we get a notification from the bank.  The money is in our account. Then at the end of the year we got a double blessing! Money to buy clothes for the children and something small for the caregivers at Unakho.The nice thing about writing thank-you letters is that we are blessed twice. Once when we receive your gift, and again when we remember it in writing. I hope you are doubly blessed in the giving. You will be, when you see the photos of the children with smiles on their faces.

A friend of mine used to say that we should hem our blessings with gratitude lest they unravel. So this letter is my way of putting a hem around the generous gift you blessed us with. We  don’t want to ever forget it.

Lots and lots of hugs from all the children and caregivers at Unakho!! Lorna Rutter