Season Of Thanksgiving

In this season of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the opportunity that we have to continue to make a difference in our world. I am honored to share the story of the two loves of my life; the community of SJA and our brothers and sisters in South Africa. Today, we have the opportunity to offer our financial commitment to the seventeen year mission of our Sustaining Partner, Arm In Arm In Africa. I will be providing an overview of our ongoing ministries and updating you with some of our more urgent challenges and opportunities. There will be a second collection at all of our masses to support our ongoing efforts in education, food distribution and health care. nevergive-up Your contribution to Arm In Arm In Africa, a 501(C3) is completely tax deductible. Thank you for choosing Arm In Arm In Africa as one of your end of the year charitable contributions. In gratitude for your ongoing support, Fr. James Cassidy