Our past two days have been spent traveling from the Western Cape to the former transkei in the Eastern Cape by bus. We traveled over 1,000 miles crossing the Kei River into the beautiful remote village of Malungeni. We look forward to sharing this part of our journey with you. 25358385015_843ce5cf1d_o “People I have encountered have much more in common with me than they are different. They have hopes, challenges, love, disappointment and celebration. They are no longer “some poor people” in a far-away land. They may not be my brothers, but they appear to be somehow a part of my family”. 24619069443_d0d6c5d411_b “I think the biggest lesson I have learned and tried to remember in our encounters is to LISTEN to what people say they need instead of assuming we know. A lesson I hope to carry forward when I am home”. 24980097320_ce760f4109_b “Visiting with the Grandmas I found smiles on their faces. They were happy because they had their families close by, freedom from apartheid and hope for the future.I never realized hope was such a gift. But to them it was not a gift but it was what kept them going day to day”. 25152517251_d4414e290b_b “Robben Island is a testament to the human capacity for inhumanity-and the rise above it”. 24628142773_5c09772f9f_b “As we roll along through the vast South Africa countryside, I am struck by the thought that as individuals we sometimes feel powerless to make things happen but together we can make a difference…VIVA AIAIA!” 24877823959_93b9fa649a_b “Be grateful, with joy. I’ve seen joy in places where I’d assumed it could not exist. A wonderful lesson from Cape Town townships to me-a gift I will take with me”. 25127369402_c4811d90e9_z “It’s challenging to put into words the experience of being in the townships and to see the grandmother’s strengths and the children’s joy. They are so welcoming and accepting of our being in their country, townships, and homes. We are truly blessed”. “I was struck by the determination and resilience in the stories that they shared. Their stories share a common thread of love for their homeland, their history and their family. In spite of their disadvantages their faith, grace, and hope reflect a human spirit that shines in spite of obstacles and daily struggles”. “Our time in South Africa is an endless circle of gratitude! Early encounter with our South Africa friends is a shared appreciation for each other. It’s a gratitude fest!” Visit our Flickr page for more photos