Praise It All..

Praise it all.. This life. Yours alone. Though you may share with trees..birds..insects, wind..stars.. dogs..rain. And most of all...bacteria. Don't worry about dirt, joy, love, friends, looks, brains, or money. Your path will take you where you need to go. Stop when you like and look around. Give your mistakes a chance to shine.This is your one, wild and flawed perfect life! It takes courage topraise it all!! -L. Erdrich Arrived late afternoon in Chapungu. A few days for the delegation to slow down and embrace the important process of framing our journey of the last few weeks and prepare to return to our lives in the US. Tomorrow we will take time to provide feedback for AIAIA and spend time with some of the magnificent African animals, that happen to be our up close and personal neighbors for the next few days. Peace to our family, both here in South Africa and the US..... Praise it all...James Cassidy