Late Fragment

Late Fragment And did you get what you wanted from this life,even so? I did, and what did you want? To call myselfbeloved. To feel myself beloved on theearth. -By R. Carver Settling into our last day at Chapungu, prior to our departure for Minnesota late Saturday. Delegation spent time yesterday to reflect on our experiences these last weeks and to help create a picture of how our experiences can help shape and focus the future development of Arm In Arm In Africa. My thanks to Pat Dawson, a member of the AIAIA Board for leading us through our reflection. As I have already mentioned in a previous post,and have come to know all too well, "to spend time in Africa is to be a bit homesick for the rest your life."  The people, the beauty of the land and the astonishing bugs, birds and animals are all gift. Time spent in Africa does give you a glimpse as to just how clever God can be when it comes to Her ability to create. A reminder to do all we can to honor and protect our Mother Earth and all who call her home. Strive to insist that our elected officials "do no harm" and do all in their power to heal, not harm our Earth. EARTH DAY PEACE PRAYER Creator God, Thank you for the gift of beautiful planet Earth. May we share it as one global family and together commit to its holy healing! Give us compassion and peace; among nations, within communities and in our families. We are earth become conscious! Amen -James Cassidy, President AIAIA