J.L. Zwane Church

It is Sunday and time to go to church, to celebrate with our family at J.L.Zwane church. We would like to share a prayer from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, "Oh God, all holy oneYou are our Mother and our FatherAnd we are your childrenOpen our eyes and our heartsSo that we may be able to discern Your workHelp us to know that You have created usMembers of the same familyYour family...the human familyMay we know war no moreAs we strive to be what you want us to be:Your children Today was the J.L. Zwane fundraising Sunday, a once a year event where "zones" (neighborhoods) celebrate their year long efforts in raising money for their church community and outreach programs. When you consider the day to day struggles of this community to simply survive, their passion to share their money with their church is truly amazing. We are happy to see the ongoing outreach with the HIV support groups. Arm in Arm in Africa continues to support this faith community's dedication to those that they identify as living in the shadows of society. Reverend James Cassidy led a prayer and a blessing at the close of today's service. We are all reminded in the words of Nelson Mandela that forgiveness is necessary in many circumstances in order to move forward in life. We are all aware of the advancing years and declining health of the former president, and need to be reminded that each of us, as individuals are called to a life of reconciliation. Members of our delegation toured Robben Island today. This is the prison where Mandela was released from being a political prisoner after 26 years. We close with a quote from Nelson Mandela, "I pay tribute to the mothers and wives and sisters of our nation. You are the rock-hardcore foundation of our struggle." Monday morning we leave for a two day trip to the Eastern Cape and our family in Malugeni.