I Think of You All The time

Greetings Father Jim. I thank God for this journey with you and Pat and many, many others that have visited Africa. All the faces are in my mind all the time. Together we have touched many lives.  Over the years AIAIA has put smile on many faces. You have fed so many people with not only food but also with hope for tomorrow.  I have watched AIAIA walk with all people faced with all sorts of challenges and I have learnt so much over the years. My ministry has changed. I have a note to share with you that was written by a well know South African, Elize Morkel after my presentation at the Winter School in Stellenbosch. There is not one week Jim that goes pass without a note from someone needing help and sincerely needing it. I want to thank you. I really have no words adequate enough to make you understand how much we appreciate what you do. You have become one of us in a special way and cannot wait to see you join us anytime you wish to do that. You have taught me that life is sometimes about just following God to where God is leading us. My love to all of you. Spiwo