We are just a few days from returning home to our U.S. friends and families. After seventeen mission trips, it would seem that I would have developed a more immediate, clearly articulated expression of our times shared in South Africa.  I am so aware at this moment that I am still learning, still struggling, and still so much on the journey, with miles to go. DSC_0112 I trust you have been able to follow us here…photos do provide a glimpse into the experience of being in the Townships, as well as rural South Africa. The strength of human beings is vividly present in the eyes, the smiles, and the very souls of countless individuals with whom we have encountered over the years. In the words of Coretta King Scott:

“the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, a heart of grace and a soul generated by love”. 

DSC_0523 There has been a courageous attempt this journey to capture the essence of each day in one singular word. This is no easy task. I would have to choose greatness as my singular word. It is a reminder that we are all called beyond the obtainable “good life” to a life of greatness, which is most clearly seen in our willingness to be compassionate, and to love unconditionally.

“Nangamso” is a Xhosa word that means this experience has been out of this world and must be repeated again and again.

My thanks to the individuals that comprised this year’s AIAIA delegation.  My thanks to our families and friends that financially and spiritually support the efforts of Arm In Arm In Africa over the years. May we all have the courage and determination to believe in greatness. The journey continues. James Cassidy President, Arm In Arm In Africa