The topography from Port Elizabeth to Malungeni, 600+ Km (over 400 miles), ranges from ocean vistas, to rolling plains with distant mountains as a backdrop. It was a warm day 36 C (96.8 F). We were grateful for the AC in the bus. Travel on the small bus, which holds 18 (there are 14 of us with the driver), enables us to take the time to switch seats and thus get to know one another better, play cards, share stories, read and nap. Near our destination we passed the home of Nelson Mandela, where the surrounding highways are under major construction to prepare for the thousands who will flock to the area as a pilgrimage when he passes. When we stopped the bus to view his home, we spotted two curious three year olds and befriended them with Mother Bears. A stop in Umtata (Mthatha on your map) for 3 days worth of groceries. It is a scene and experience that is always memorable. As we approached our destination, driving down the log road, we were greeted with happy waving hands along the way. A warm welcome from our family here lifted the fatigue of travel and touched our hearts. Blessings from us to you,