Day Two

We began our day celebrating the beauty of the South African landscape. We were able to spend the early part of the day at Cape Point with Chloe a member of the JL Zwane Centre. We returned to Guguletu and were able to spend time with the students and volunteer teachers in the Rainbow school. This is a program that Arm In Arm in Africa has supported over the years. This after school program provides a hot meal and assistance to the students with their homework. Maureen Cannon, one of our group was able to share belated Valentines and letters from 1st graders with whom she works in Eagan, MN.

From there we were invited by a member of the church community to visit her neighborhood. The history of the hostels is very reflective of the apartheid era; small brick houses with six bedrooms with an occupancy of 8 in each bedroom. Those living in the hostel shared kitchen and bathroom facilities and primarily lived there for the sake of employment. It was not uncommon to be away from their family for a year at a time.
We painfully acknowledge how impoverished the housing conditions remain, not significantly different than during apartheid. At the same time we acknowledge and honor the amazing joy and hospitality of those living in these unacceptable conditions.
As we close this day we ask for continued prayers for the children of our world.