Day Three

Photo Feb 21, 2 28 58 AMGood day to all of our friends and families at home. Today was a day of self care with an out of town journey to see the sights of the Southern Cape about an hour south of Cape Town.             Nestled in a protected cove in an area called "The Boulders", we were fascinated by the thriving colony of African penguins, an endangered species. This population has grown from 2 breeding pairs in 1982 to over 2200 today. Photo Feb 21, 12 54 18 AM Their dwindling numbers were due to the uncontrolled harvesting of their eggs for food. The beautiful aqua blue Atlantic Ocean and giant boulders are their home protecting them from their natural enemies; sharks, Cape Fur Seals and Killer (orca) whales.           Photo Feb 20, 11 58 29 PMAt the junction of  the Atlantic and Indian oceans at the tip of the southern peninsula is the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. From rocky mountain cliffs to the white sand beaches, this breathtaking vista is a traveler's visual feast. Our delegation hiked to the lighthouse for a spectacular panoramic view.  Today was a great opportunity for our group to simply spend time together celebrating the fact that we are sharing this journey. Our day ended with us being able to celebrate Eucharist. Once again this was an opportunity to reflect on our first week with gratitude for the gift of each other, the gift of life and hope for all whose lives touched us this week. Peace, The 2014 Delegation