Day 9

A few of us began our day with a road trip into Umtata in preparation for our evening community celebration and food distribution. Food parcels were delivered for those 85 families that were in need of emergency provisions. The group assisted in offloading the food parcels.

Much of the day was spent by traveling one hour on a road that would make MN roads with the potholes, look extremely smooth. We spent time with the staff at a local hospital. We were encouraged to discover three additional physician
s at this facility. Included in our visit were the maternity ward, TB ward and the unit specifically for malnourished children and their mothers. This hospital has limited staff and supplies and is responsible for approximately 170,000 people. With your support, Arm In Arm In Africa was able
to provide much needed pain medications and other medical supplies.
Upon returning home our group joined the local residents in our yearly celebration. Our group was honored to serve a hot meal (including meat!) to approximately 250 people. Our celebration continued in sharing a prayer of thanksgiving for the food and our relationship.
An astounding fact about this food distribution is that there isn't a family in the entire village that couldn't benefit from this assistance and yet amongst the residents they choose who are the 85 most in need.
At the conclusion of the night, residents return to their homes with food in wheelbarrows or atop their head with huge smiles of joy and relief.
A special note that during the celebration, we were able to seek out the most recent newborn in the community and present her with a blanket, hand made by a friend of ours in Minnesota. The grandmother, caring for the baby, was extremely grateful.

Tomorrow is our last day in Malungeni. We regret the lack of photographs from here (due to internet issues) , but we promise to catch up in the days ahead.
Again we thank you for your prayers and financial support. If you are in need of direction or information in making a donation to Arm In Arm In Africa, please go to the donation page of our web site.