Courage And Wisdom

When you talk about healing, you're including the way you live your life, whatever time you have left. Sometimes it involves alleviating symptoms, but it always includes changing the conditions under which you are living. You don't heal from something you are afraid of; you heal toward something you deeply desire. Healing insists that you re-examine everything- all of your habits, ideas, beliefs, values,passions, inhibitions,assumptions,until you find those things that are truest at the core,discarding everything else. It demands that you nurture your questions until you discover how to create the kind of environmentwhere you have integritywith yourselfand the worldon a daily basis. - D. Markova As our journey takes us to the Transkei, I am so aware of how national politics can heal, as well as harm the citizens of any nation. Through the process of Truth and Reconciliation,the South African people remain dedicated to a healing process that will will involve generations. My hope and prayer for our American community is that we have the courage and wisdom to remain steadfast in choosing to create the kind of environment where we can have integrity with ourselves and the world. May our elected officials celebrate our diversity and bring us together, not divide us. We pray for this, we insist on this... James Cassidy