Beautiful Planet Earth

Earth Day Peace Prayer....

“Creator God, Thank you for the gift of beautiful planet Earth. May we share it as one family and together commit to its holy healing! Give us compassion and peace; among nations, within communities, and in our families. We are the earth become conscious!” Amen


Incredible morning of worship with our family in Guguletu. It is a township with a population of aprox 345 thousand. It is one of the older communities that was established under the apartheid system.


Guguletu translates to “our pride” and has been a very supportive location for the nineteen years that AIAIA has been sharing our mission with the citizens of SA. The joy of coming together as a global family becomes the embodiment of the AIAIA mission. In that relatively small worship space, on an incredibly beautiful Sunday morning, I do believe that “we are the earth become conscious.


One more day in the Western Cape and our delegation leaves for a thousand mile road trip into the Eastern Cape. Again, thanks for checking in on our journey and sharing with your Facebook Friends.

James Cassidy, President AIAIA