AIAIA Fall Update

We just sent our quarterly for Malungeni and continue to get feedback of thanks, thanks, thanks and how important this is to their community. Because of the generous giving of SJA parishioners we are going to add 25 more people to our giving program. The next food program is at Christmas so we will be giving food to 115 families.  What a wonderful time of year to increase the giving! Update on Itipini Project:  Many of the Itipini Community are in temporary housing and others have scattered to the rural areas following the bulldozing of the settlement and the forced closing of AIAIA’s ongoing giving to the Project. The government is promising permanent housing, so we are hopeful that they will follow through.  AIAIA grieves the loss of this community but believes there is a time to begin and a time to end.  We will be checking on these people on our trip if February, 2013. We are currently planning our 14th trip to South Africa.  We are leaving the 18th of Feb. and returning the 10th of March. Currently have 12 travelers.  Six new travelers and eight returning home to South Africa.   Planning and bookings are in process and all are counting the days until we leave.  How blessed we are to have our annual time, talent and shared treasure with our family in South Africa.  Do keep us in your prayers and we will keep you informed as we move forward.