2012 Delegation

Arm In Arm In Africa is honored to announce our upcoming delegation to South Africa. Our group will be leaving on February 20th, 2012 for approximately two and a half weeks. We look forward to reuniting with our friends and families in the townships near Cape Town. We will also travel to the Eastern Cape and continue our mission with the communities of Malungeni and Itipini. Our goal will include providing much needed medical supplies for hospitals and clinics. We are proud to partner with the Mother Bear Program in providing lovable and comforting teddy bears for the children, as well as blankets and clothing for newborns. We have established working relationships with a variety of hospitals, clinics, day care centers, and a senior center. We will also have the opportunity in the Eastern Cape to spend time in Itipini, an impoverished village, located in the middle of a local garbage dump. Arm In Arm In Africa has also partnered with another non-profit to sustain a pre-school program with their bread and lunch program. Our time will include a reunion with the families in Malungeni. We have established a strong bond with the men, women, and children of this community over the last twelve years. Arm In Arm In Africa would like to express gratitude for the generous donations that have empowered the establishment of an emergency food distribution program for the families of Malungeni. This year's delegation includes Fr. James Cassidy, Pat Murphy, William Driscoll, Mary and Tom Gorzycki, Paula Larsen, Beth Rickards, Jean Mueting, Diane Caron, Polly Posten, and Julie Vogl. We have packed our supply bags for our upcoming trip to South Africa. Included in our bags are 600 pounds of latex gloves, bandaids, pain relief meds, vitamins, newborn clothes and blankets and Mother Bears. All supplies have been donated from many generous donors. We thank you for your support and prayers as we journey to South Africa, leaving February 20, 2012.