2011: Pre-trip Packing:

Our work has begun with our gathering to consolidate 750 pounds of supplies and divide by 13, as each of us takes an extra bag to South Africa. Included are medical gloves and masks, band aids, acetaminophen, hand sanitizer, Mother Bear project bears made specially for developing countries dealing with HIV/AIDS, small toys, newborn clothes and blankets, toothbrushes and paste. We will also be taking 50 girl's sundresses handmade by a 90+ year old woman who lives near St. Cloud. A group of first graders also generously donated much needed school supplies.
Thank you to all of you who donated to this mission. We will deliver the supplies with loving hands and hearts. We will depart on Valentine's Day. Please look for our first update by February 16 with news of our travels, as well as photographs.
Thank you, too, for your support and prayers for a safe and fulfilling journey.