Ubuntu is a South African word. There is no direct translation in the English language. However, an attempt to communicate its meaning is – kindness, humanity, compassion, and goodness. It is regarded as a fundamental way Africans approach life. The closest translation of this word is: I am because we are. 2016-02-22 11.14.47 Our first day in South Africa started out with a mass at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. It was a way to ground us before our journey. 2016-02-22 12.22.37 From the gardens we took a bus to the JL Zwane Centre for Training and Development. This is where emergency food relief was distributed for families in the township of Gugulethu. 2016-02-22 13.06.37

We were greeted by joyful song and dance provided by the recipients of the food parcels…. Primarily the “Grandmothers” of the township

2016-02-22 15.17.26 After the food distribution we walked through the streets of the township of Kiki to spend time families that have so little (in terms of possessions), but so much joy. 2016-02-22 12.36.092016-02-22 21.31.44DSC_0189DSC_01842016-02-22 15.04.572016-02-22 12.22.48Visit our Flickr page for more photos