Holiday Letter From Lorna

DSC_0112The Unakho Children’s Home, a small orphanage located in Gugulethu, South Africa is home for twenty-two children, ranging in age from one to seventeen. The Rev. Julius and Irene Bonani are the primary caregivers for this small community. The young members of this family, many of whom are orphans as a result of AIDS, face many challenges. Arm In Arm In Africa supports this community with quarterly food distributions. In this Holiday Season, AIAIA included additional funding to benefit this most amazing family and to make the season a bit more beautiful. It is our honor to share the following communication that was recently received from Ms Lorna Rutter, a Social Worker assisting with the day to day life of the orphanage.  

Lorna's Holiday Letter I came home from the children about an hour ago and up to now they have very little for Christmas. This money was an answer to prayer!   With your permission: I am not going to buy gifts like toys but rather buy "new shop bought clothing" for Christmas day. The children can go with and choose their own clothing. I will give each caregiver R200.00 ($18.00) and they can then spend it on something special!! I will chat with Julius and Irene about the Christmas lunch!   The warmest blessings and hugs from all the children, caregivers and myself!!!   Grace and peace be yours in abundance!!! Lorna