Day Two

Peace Prayer by Archbishop Desmond Tutu Photo Feb 21, 7 33 35 AMOh God, All Holy One You are our Mother and our Father And we are your children open our eyes and our hearts So that we may be able to discern Your work Help is to know that You have created us Members of the same family Your family ...the human family May we know war no more As we strive to be want you want us to be; Your Children   Our morning prayer was a journey to Cape Point, an excursion to enjoy and celebrate God's glorious creation.  This vista is the joining of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Oceans and has become a right of passage for many AIAIA delegations. As promised we had the privilege of returning to Priscilla's foster care home and the Teach Love Care network orphanage.   At each location we provided much needed food and supplies. The gratitude of both the adults providing the care and the children receiving the care was truly heartwarming. After a long and full day we found the energy to equally divide 1,000 pounds of medical supplies for delivery to the hospitals and clinics.  As we close late in the day with a very modest potluck we reflected in prayer around a theme of gratitude.  We realized once again the important role that our family,friends and benefactors bring to the success of our mission. On behalf of our family in South Africa we thank you once again.In tribute to your kind hearts we say good night and share this reading: World As Ever By Joanna Macy   Photo Feb 21, 7 35 45 AMThere is so much to be done, and the time is so short.  We can go forward, of course , out of grim and angry desperation .  But the tasks proceed more easily and productively with a measure of thankfulness for life.  Gratitude links us to our deeper powers and lets us rest in the them.  Gratitude is the stance of the soul.  It is liberating and subversive.  It helps us realize that we are sufficient and that realization sets us free.  Gratitude is the kernel that can flower into everything g we need to know.