Day Six

Father Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest, was assigned to South Africa in the early 70's  during the painful apartheid years. As a priest and humanitarian, he was destined to become involved in the anti-apartheid movement, particularly with the murder of children during anti-apartheid protests. As a result of his involvement, he was sent a letter bomb, resulting in the loss of both hands and one eye. As a result of his tragedy, Father Michael moved on to form the Institute for the Healing of Memories to assist the people of South Africa heal from the atrocities of apartheid.  This program has evolved to assisting people all over the world with healing from the emotional wounds of war, post traumatic stress syndrome, and particular passion for men and women who have served in the armed forces. Our delegation met with Father Michael today to hear his story and to share our own feelings on the need for healing in our lives. Photo Feb 23, 7 23 37 PMLuthando edcucare  is a crèche (day care) which cares for 60 toddlers who are learning their ABC's, shapes, numbers and songs.  We were greatly entertained with songs such as "Telephoning Jesus" and "We love YOU." Our gifts of Mother Bears from the MN based Mother Bear Project, as well as hand made sundresses lovingly made by members of St. Joan of Arc were a big hit. Our time here in Cape Town is winding to a close. We have had many thought provoking visits, seen the beauty of this Oceanside city and been embraced by our family here. We will be leaving Wednesday for the Eastern Cape. Thank you for following us here and for your continued prayers. The 2014 delegation