Day Four

Photo Feb 22, 4 36 23 PMThis morning we had an early breakfast meeting with the leaders of the Fun Learning for Youth (FLY) program at the JL Zane Centre. This team of educated young professionals who grew up in extreme poverty is giving back to the community. Every Saturday from 9-12 this group tutors high school students in math, English and teaches life skills.  The leaders spoke with us about their history, their challenges and goals for a successful program. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for motivating young students is incredible. Arm In Arm In Africa has and will continue to support the efforts of this very strong local program. The Christ Church Constantia hosted a conversation with James Alison, a Catholic teacher-preacher, author and openly gay man and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, moderated by Justice Kate O'Regan, a  constitutional law judge from Khayelisha. They discussed the recents events in Zimbabwe with the condemnation of the gay community. Archbishop Tutu's message was "We are all 'God carriers'" and that "Each of us is a stand in for God." He spoke of the bible  the way it is often misinterpreted and unfortunately used to oppress people. One of the favorite quotes from "Arch" as he is addressed ,"Gay, lesbian,transsexual,bisexual, black, white... hallelujah!" Our day ended on Table Mountain for with a "heaven like" walk, in and out of the clouds and a glorious sunset. This iconic mountaintop is an essential part of the Cape Town experience. Our fourteen hour day is one we will never forget. Thank you once again for your prayers and support. Peace, The 2014 Delegation