Day Eleven

With a beautiful sky as a backdrop, we began our morning with Eucharist on the lawn complete with a humble attempt at songs..

Photo Mar 04, 5 37 18 AMOur afternoon was a flurry of activity as it was "Spa Day" in Malugeni.  This tradition began two years ago to give manicures, pedicures and shoulder massage to the ladies who are our hostesses, in appreciation for their support of us and our ministry of the larger community. When the broader community learned of the spa experience, interest quickly developed and we had steady stream of loyal clients. This bond between cultures, divided for so many years, is a heartwarming experience for everyone. The loving touch connects in ways that words cannot. It was a festive afternoon with the children playing games on the lawn as the elders relaxed.
Later in the day many of us headed out to the neighborhood  for "walk-abouts," which is to walk along the roads and paths through fields to see the countryside and greet residents along the way. We see up close the small huts, cows, horses, goats, and gardens of our friends.

Due to the fact that we are in a rural area, Internet is a great challenge. We are grateful to be able to send you our story for the day, but sending photos has been difficult. We will get these to you as soon as we are able.

We appreciate the feedback we are receiving from you on the blog.  We had the opportunity to share the comments over breakfast this morning.  It is a great way to remain connected.
The journey continues.
Peace and blessing to you all,
The 2013 delegation