Day Eight

Photo Feb 21, 9 49 14 AMAs our delegation of 13 makes the two day journey to the Eastern Cape and Malingeni,, we are reflecting on our time in the Cape Town area. One of the many highlights has been the distribution of friendship bracelets made by school children in the Twin Cities. Our plan was to give these brightly colored woven bracelets to the children we visited, however we have shared them with the residents of The Missionaries of Charity, a hospice and orphanage, as well as the Senior Center and the school children. The bracelets  were warmly received with grateful smiles as we explained that the "learners" (their term for students) from the United States made them.       Photo Feb 23, 3 48 55 AMThank you to Carondelet Catholic Grade school, Visitation Grade School, the Hospitality House after school program and Windom Dual Immersion Works Program for their beautiful creations. Another memorable event was to visit a long time friend Lydia and her son, Newo. Challenged  with health issues from both being HIV positive, life is a daily struggle. Many of you may remember AIAIA replacing the shack in which Lydia and Newo lived several years ago because their old one was uninhabitable. AIAIA will again assist with several projects to make their lives more comfortable. We are grateful for your support and prayers. Peace, The 2013 delegation