Day 5 - JL Zwane

It is Sunday and we are off to church in Guguletu. It is always a pleasure to celebrate prayer and music with the JL Zwane community. Members of our group had the opportunity early in the morning with the leadership group of the church and to share the successes of our relationship over the last 12 years. We then joined the worship service where our members were able to individually introduce themselves and share a few words with the congregation.
As always, the unique blending of the South African music goes right to the heart. Our service closed with a blessing for the children and the young adults belonging to the congregation. As we close this day, we are reminded once again of the importance of hope in all of our lives.
Tomorrow we leave for the Eastern Cape. It will take two days and will be a bit uncertain from this point forward as to available internet access.
Please keep checking in on us and keep us in your prayers. Thank you.