2017 Delegation

The AIAIA delegation will be in South Africa, beginning the week of February 20th and will be returning home late in the week of March 6th. We will be honored to share photos of our day to day encounters with our families and friends in South Africa. I am most grateful for your ongoing support of the seventeen year relationship that we celebrate with our friends, in both the townships, as well as rural South Africa. Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers.

Our 2017 Delegation

Front Row: Bette Reeder, Nancy Lynch, Mary Morehouse, Sue Rose, Maureen Cannon, Pat Murphy Back Row: Dave Reeder, Greg Kruse, Steve Pederson, Noah Kittelson, James Cassidy. Missing - Pam Tatro and Joe, Jane and Tes Cavanaugh

Dental Supplies

Each year the delegations brings supplies for filling some of the basic needs of the people we support. Simple items like tooth paste, brushes and dental floss are much needed for the people in the Townships of South Africa.


Used Soccer Balls

Somethings as simple as a soccer ball can bring much joy to a community. We have been bringing used soccer balls to South Africa and found that it brings both young and old together.